The one and only New World Order political party

Abolish the United Nations with the World Government

Membership rules and qualification.

[A] Their will be two types of membership for the party mainly annual membership and life membership with all members having equal rights and each on becoming a member agrees to be bound by and to observe these rules.

[B] Subject to these rules any person who satisfyingly meets all the following conditions will be eligible to apply for and be accepted membership to the party and retain either life membership or annual membership to the party.

[C] The prospect is qualified to be an elector under the Electoral Act 1993 in accordance to the act of their countries Electoral Commission or any act passed down in amendment or in substitution for any risen resounds.

[D] The prospect cant be involved in or a member of any other registered political party.

Application forms.

The applicant applying for membership to the party will be required to complete mainly three forms. On signing up to the party that person will be invited to the party's annual meeting and any other activity in regards to the party also a receipt for the members subscription fee will be posted via mail to each member.

The forms will take the following form.

[A] A life or annual membership form.

[B] The recommended signed application letter for the withdrawal of membership from any other registered political party.

[C] The specified automatic payment form to pay for the party membership fee and any donations.

The prospect who is eligible for membership to the party will become a member when.

[A]. The Person pays the party membership subscription fee, and signs their membership form.

Eligibility for Country and City Territory Branches.

[A] Any prospect can be a member of any branch of the party without the necessities of any other approvals or payments or any further subscription fees for that current financial year.

[B] That person will be deemed to be a member of the recommended branch or other organization in that territory to which that person is suitable. That person will become a member of the branch for which that person has been approved. Secretaries from both branches will notify that person via post with response to their membership application status without the necessity of any further approvals or payments or any further membership subscription fees, for that current financial year.

[C] The International Board of the party maintains a central database of the membership to the party. With the information supplied monthly by the Secretaries from each Country and City territory branches. This is the central database that will be the official record of the party's international membership.

The official year.

[A]The official year of the party will commence on the first day of January of each year the party annual member subscription will be due by January the 30th;

[B]Any member who fails to renew their membership by the 30th of June each financial year will be treated as not financial and will automatically forfeit their rights and obligations of membership to the party, membership may be resumed by payment of the subscription fee, with compliance and conditions of Sect,/


Eligibility for Committees.

A]No person who is not a financial member of the party will be eligible to hold any office or service or any of the following positions Committees, Councils, Delegates, Secretaries, Candidates, Electoral Representatives, MP's, not one position.

Party Prospects.

[A]Any and every person that is capable of doing their signature can become a member of the party there is no age limit.On becoming a member to the party that persons is an advocate to and forms, the International Democratic Society of New World Order, world voters subject to the rules and payment of annual subscription fees is vital.

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