The one and only New World Order political party

Abolish the United Nations with the World Government

New World Order policy generation International Board meeting.
Policies are not in preferred order. 

                No one likes people who copy and use other peoples names

Men and Woman have equal rights.

We need to stop sucking oil out of the earth, stop oil rigging world wide. 

Pets, we need to open the door for pets and start looking after them, a lot of landlords will not allow their tenants to have pets. We need to do everything possible to ensure their survival. Every household should have a dog and a cat, birds and fish. There needs to be cat and dog sanctuaries the size of two rugby fields where cats and dogs without a home can live, with a caretaker who douse a feed out. Instead of destroying cats and dogs who do not have a home we need to instead give them a home. The world needs all the animals it can have.

New World Order is urging the national Governments through out the world to support the plantation of more trees to fight against global warming. Millions of trees need to be planted every day, any were a tree could be planted.    

After 7 years criminal offenders history will be wiped. There will not be a three strike and you are out policy every were through out the world.

Anything relating to pornography will be against the law and illegal because it is sexually immoral and degrading also the dishonesty that comes with it, not only that nobody wants to see that. 

Abortion will not be legal, all lives matter.

Power vehicle's using methanol made from grass clippings. 

Cars and motorcycles at the drag strip will only be allowed to pull burnouts to warm up their tyres for the duration of five seconds each, in order to cut down on pollution coursed from burnt rubber.   

Chinese and Japanese junk list so we can list all of the crape that destroys itself when you pull it out of the box. So that people don't wast there money on dodgy imports.

Territories that have a Maori name belong to them. New Zealand needs to be called Aotearoa so that it is their country again. Honda douse not belong to Britten.

Celebrate on the 8th of October every year and call it the World Party celebration.

Cocaine shipments to New Zealand. New Zealand doesn't have cocaine here stop holding out on us.

                     Honesty is the best policy if it is a secret there is something dishonest about it If you are keeping a secret you have obviously done something wrong that you shouldn't have. Any thing important that's kept from the knowledge of the world is a kind of sly dishonesty because everybody                   has the right to know.                      

 Peace be with you.

                     Feed the birds if they don't survive we are stuffed.

  Freedom of speech.

Anti smacking. 

Don't touch me policy. 

Anti violence. 

Police are not wanted unless the are called. Why is New Zealand infested with police.

Siding with the New Zealand Police to create and make safer communities together.

There is a God but All Religion is False Religion. 

No insider makes our decisions e.g choices for yourself or myself also no insider makes our decisions or makes our choices. Making peoples wrong decisions is a thriving non profitable business for some.

Suggestion with mandatory choice policy is the business.

There needs to be a 24/7 Supermarket in every City Territory.

Legalize most of all the illegal drugs World Wide the only thing is the police wont have a job supervising and disciplining users. 

Guns are one thing the New World Order want banned globally. Explain the need for owning a gun excluding protection and anything other than hunting food. Then you may submit your application to own a gun.

 No compulsory treatment orders under the Mental Health act only compulsory assessments. If You have found yourself on a compulsory treatment order your human rights have been severely violated. It should be your decision. At the moment if somebody is released from a Mental Health Institute and if they have been violated with a compulsory treatment order the Mental Health act states that the person must turn up to regular Doctors appointments either at the Hospital or wherever the Doctor practices. This will be changed so that the Doctor will have to go to wherever that person is. Why should anybody be forced out of their comfort zone. The act states that the person will have to take prescription drugs even if it is against their own will or beliefs even their own choice. If you investigate you will find that most Doctors have a mandatory diagnoses with no choice policy this is because they can only prescribe prescription drugs to somebody that they have labelled and judged, it also keeps them in a job and keeps their drug trade alive. At the moment the act protects the Mental Health Doctors so they cant be sued this will change because if this is all true a lot of Doctors could  be sued.

How dose the Mental Health system determine and decide whether or not a client is allowed to drink alcohol or smoke cannabis, aren't these personal choices? We here at New World Order think that they are getting a bit intrusive, along with the rest of the violations they put people through.      

Introduce non medicine therapy for mental health patients but will be their decision.

Drugs whatever make  model or called pharmaceutical the entire lot must have a warning or with what their unlimited side effects could be also a statement from the Queen indicating that it is up each human or individual to decide or choose what they administer themselves with no ifs or buts about it. This is a mandatory human right that everyone wont deny that works for everyone. 

Promote healthy  eating, any Health Professional will tell you that eating fiber before lunch is a big no no. All breakfast cereals contain about 99% fiber. Fiber makes the body tired and it is also a muscle relaxant so if otherwise indicated it is best to eat fiber before bed. If any health expert knew what they were talking about he would tell you that if you want to be running marathons after work breakfast would need to contain 99% protein about four eggs in the morning for breakfast and nothing else. 

Registration and ownership papers for car owners if somebody buys a car they will go to the post office or vehicle testing station but there they will be able to change the ownership into their own name for free. They will also be able to put the registration on hold for free. People will not have to pay to change ownership papers and they will not have to pay the overdue registration up to date to put the registration on hold. Why should somebody have to pay to put the registration on hold if they cant even pay for the registration and why should people have to pay to change the ownership papers this should be done without hindrance. Last but not least the disposer of the vehicle can be anyone. 

No way will parking wardens be allowed to dish out stationery vehicle offence infringement notices {issued under Section 42.a of the transport Act 1962 and Section 139 of the Land Transport Act 1998} because all car parking will be free. But at the moment parking wardens somehow are able to issue $200 infringement fees. City Councils will no longer have the Enforcement Authority. 

Reintroduce tobacco companies sponsorship for the V8 super cars, and the formula one. 

Legalize marijuana Genesis 1 vs 11-13 2 vs 16-18 and 3 vs 2 for people over the age of 18, marijuana should be sold in the shops and taxed, smokers should be allowed to grow enough for personal use smoking marijuana is a victim less crime. 900.000 people $72.000 per week. 

                World Government "not" One World Government, World Police, World Court, World Democracy, World Policy, World Money Currency and World Peace. 

Abolish war without creating war. 

Abolish Violence, Hunger, Sickness, Poverty and Crime on a worldwide scale. 

An elected World Ruler to rule the World Government that will abolish the United Nations. 

Rule out tazzar and any other torture devices used by the so-called Ministry of Justice. 

Implement cheaper power, food and phone. 

Scrap the tax on some food bread, eggs, cheese, milk, butter and margarine. 

Make the earth into a paradise.

Free car parking. 

Free public transport only city buses. 

Mobile phones will be able to ring all 0800 phone numbers like Income Support. 

Feed and shelter the poor and under classed. 

Encourage students and pupils to learn foreign languages while at school. 

Rule out the testing of any bomb worldwide. 

Harsher sentences for violent offenders and lighter sentences for petty crime. 

One super card that takes over all other cards globally. 

Urge the world to work towards the policies of the New World Order party. 

The Government Department the Electoral Commission should have a 0800 phone number. 

New Zealand will be more self sufficient and independent. 

No sand mining on the west coast of New Zealand unless it goes to a New Zealand foundry. 

Compulsory animal rights and sentences for cruelty to animals. 

The time will be displayed on all cash flow machines. 

More broadcasting allocation for the minor parties. 

No tax on carbon emissions world wide. 

Encourage the plantation of more trees world wide. 

Don't hold the line up at the traffic lights when the light goes green everybody must put their foot down at the same time so that we can get a thousand cars through the green light.

Bonds are not an extra income for Landlords.

Don't hold people up at the counter while serving a customer making somebody wait is not a good business practice or tactic.

If people are old enough to have sex at 16 years old and old enough to drive at the age of 15 then they should be old enough to vote and have a say in who governs the country or world. 

Everybody is responsible for their own actions and not guilty until proven guilty. 

There will be no bale cell in the court if a person is granted bail they will be allowed to wait in the foyer.

Housing New Zealand will be made to take more care of their real estate and provide more housing. 

Do not steal, stealing is against the law and comes with consequences.     

Boy racers cars will be crushed if their is injury of loss of life caused by their actions. 

Income Support will provide more entitlements for beneficiaries.

Beneficiaries clothes wont have to be stolen for them to be entitled to a clothing grant with Income Support New Zealand. 

Legal breath alcohol driving limit will be 800 micro grams with special exemption. 

Voice messaging will be a feature of every mobile phone made. 

Fines for no warrant and no registration not wearing a seat belt and not wearing a cycle helmet also no bonnet and bald tyres will only be $30 dollar fines and will not be on a quota system. 

Gay marriage will not be legal. Marriage is a ceremony between male and female it has been ever since the first man and woman. God married Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. It is impossible for one man to marry another man and then become one because they cant have offspring like wise with woman. To confirm this look at Genesis 2 vs 18-24 and 3 vs 7-20 and 4 vs 1 also Romans 1 vs 26- 28. It's also a high moral not to have sex outside of marriage though no one seams to support or uphold this any more. Homos and Lesbians are of the left hand path community and don't follow what the bible teaches in order to justify their perverted and filthy actions, practices and habits. Man sleeping with man or woman sleeping with woman is sexually immoral. Homosexuality and Lesbianism is not what we should be teaching the younger generation.                

All religion is false religion, abolish false religion. Jesus said there is only one true belief not one true religion. 

One Policeman for every 1.000 people. 

Voting for progress elections called to vote for progress. 

People should be allowed to earn more on the student allowance and the unemployment benefit also the sickness and invalids benefits also more money for beneficiaries. 

The World Government will support organizations like World Vision and CCF because they are Christian based and they are fighting against world poverty and hunger. 

The drinking age will stay the same 18 years old worldwide. 

No one should be bullied or intimidated also preached to in any way shape or form. 

Every country should sort their own battles and not encourage other countries to get involved also every other country should mind their own business. 

Hobo's and bad buzzes will not be allowed to come to the party and the Parliament piss ups. 

Banks will not be allowed to charge $25 fees for insufficient funds on automatic payments and direct debits.

Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will the World Government.

The rubbish truck service will have to take all the rubbish not just the rubbish bags and the recycling service will take a bigger range of recyclables like margarine containers ice cream containers also milk bottle lids. 

The green walk light at traffic lights will stay on for as long as possible instead of it going red when you get to the middle of the road. 

Fair and equal distribution of food and money worldwide. 

$3000 Income Support entitlements will resume in January at the start of each year, Beneficiaries will be able to borrow 1000 dollars a year. 

Do not murder, the death penalty will not be given to cold blooded murderers though it comes with the harshest sentencing, revenge for the victim. 

If a person dies in Hospital and it is at the fault of a Nurse or a Doctor or a Surgeon the Nurse and the Doctor also the Surgeon and may be the Hospital Board will be made to pay for that person's funeral costs. 

Treat gang members the same as terrorists when they terrorize the community. Gang members have the right to were what ever they feel like. 

In some cases the Police will have to ring or send mail before turning up to a persons address to talk. 

When a TV station advertises an up and coming program it will have to advertise the name of the program and the day and the time also the channel it will be on for clear advertising purposes.

When fast food restaurants like Mc Donald's or Burger King or Subway advertise their burgers, or their other meal deals on TV the camera will legally be made to be at least half a meter away from what ever they are advertising. Other wise what ever they are advertising looks a lot bigger then what it really is. This is misleading to the Consumer or Customer.       

Start mass production of methanol-powered cars and motorbikes to cut down green house gases and carbon emissions. 

More security in all prisons world wide, not for intimidation or power hungry tactics but to ensure that no one gets harmed also every body has the human right to serve their sentence and get on with their future. Upgrade prisons world wide to enforce safety.

Regular screening of the World System this will include the worlds Police the worlds Courts, Lawyers Solicitors, judges the world Social Welfare also the Mental Health system.

A dictatorship is when some one tells you that if you don't do what they say then they will kill you. Dictatorship can also come in the form of some one making decisions for some one else when that person is not really in the position to do the deciding for that person. It's called Human Rights.    

A Listed Candidate seeking the position of World Ruler will clearly have to state his World Polices before any World Election.

As long as there is money that sits in our pockets and wallets that represents the value of any countries money currency then we will be happy with the New World Order.

Or man could live by the 10 commandments then the world would be an even better place to live even better then the vision we have for the New World Order.

Fears fair.


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