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New World Order the Esoteric Agenda.

We will never slacken, never tire, never lose courage and never lose faith.

We have been announced world record holders

because this is the first ever official New World Order Political Party and no one can brake this record.

The information on this web site is about half of what this Party is all about due to unexpected errors.

As a Party and Society we are seeking superior power and intelligence.   

This organization has the most sophisticated and advanced up to date intelligence data base in the world.

This organization is considered to be the biggest World Super Power and Global Giant to come in to operation to date with Nathan Lee Couper being its International World Leader and Celebrity Politician.    

We have recently registered the IDS International Democratic Society of New World Order World Voters with the Companies Office New Zealand.

We have another two web sites under construction for the New World Order Party, please visit New World Order at and

If every body that view'd this web site gave one dollar the New World Order Party would have built the Unified Crowd World Government building by now.

We donate 10 percent of the donations and proceedings made to the Party to Save the Children and an additional 10 percent to WWF World Wild Life Fund.

The New World Order was a registered Political Party in New Zealand. The Party's abbreviated name is NWO you can also refer to the New World Order as the McCann Party. The Party was founded in 2006 in a small beach town called Raglan on the west coast of New Zealand by Nathan Lee Couper. Its stated goal is to bring about global peace through a Unified World Government. 

The Chief of the World Government Electoral Commission is Stephanie Monique Smith.

The Political Party's President and Secretary is Nathan Lee Couper and Bevan Stuart Cooke is the Vice President of the Party's International Board and it's International Board Manager is Justin Mclean. Couper, Cooke, Mclean and Smith are also members of the AOG Assemblies of God and are Disciples of the Most High Jesus Christ. All of the Party's Office Holders are encouraged to join the AOG and to become Christian.

In the past a lot of organisations have tried to bring about a New World Order like the Bavarian Illuminati though this New World Order is a Christian based New World Order.

On 1 April 2008 the Party formally applied for registration with the New Zealand Electoral Commission which would allow it to contest the list vote. 

It has since applied for a broadcasting allocation for the 2008 election. Couper collected signatures and spare change from passersby on the street in order to satisfy the legal requirements for 500 financial members. He admitted not all 500 members actually paid a fee. A recent count of the Party's membership in early 2017 reveled that the Party had just over 25.000 life members in New Zealand and Australia. Members are asked to pay the lowest of the realm for their membership fee. Though members are given the opportunity to make a donation to the Party of the amount of what ever they can afford. Donations can be made to the Party on the this website.

The Party was formally registered on 20 May 2008, and the Party also received broadcasting funding, but did not run any candidates due to lack of funds. the Party did not participate in the 2008 election as it did not provide the thousand dollar deposit to nominate a Party list.

The Candidates got extensive coverage on Eating Media Lunch, a satirical current affairs program.

In May 2010 the Party registered it's logo with the New Zealand Electoral Commission. The Party has also designed a flag for the World Government and logos for it's International Board and the Party's International Country Territory Committee Council's along with a Coat of Arms for the WGEC World Government Electoral Commission.

The Party did not apply for broadcasting funding for the 2011 election, and its registration was cancelled, at the Party's request, on 9 June 2011. Couper says that they have no further intentions of registering the Party with the New Zealand Electoral Commission or any other countries Electoral Commission. Couper states that the Party will benefit more standing independently propagating the formation of the World Government. Though the Party will still recruit Members for its International Democratic Society maximizing Party membership. The Party's key operational objectives are to establish international branches in every Country and City Territory throughout the World. The Party's grand plan is to fund the money needed to build the World Government building, through donations made to the Party. In 2012 the party has conducted it's own independent opinion polls. Those polls showed that about 8 out of 10 people in New Zealand and Australia supported the idea of their being a World Government in operation.

Important things to know about the New World Order political party

The folowing people are the Members, Trustees and the Office Holders of the International Board of

the New World Order Political Party.

Till Linderman is the Head Representative and Spokesman for the German Country Committee Council.

Marshall Mathers is the Head Representative and Spokesman for the USA Country Committee Council.

Robyn Battly is the Party Treasurer and Finance Coordinator and Manager she is also the Budget Adviser for the Party's International Board.

Pauline and Clive Germany are the Cultural and Religious Representatives for the Party.

Pete Smith is the General Advisor and Chairman for the Party.

Chris Wagg is the International System Inspector he is also the foreign Policy Adviser for the Party.

Hazel and Brian Cote are the Chief Electoral Officers for the Party.

Heather Wilson is the Centre of Communication for the Party.

Nathan Lee Couper is the President and Secretary of the International Board of the Party.

Bevan Stuart Cooke is the Vice President and Connector and he is also the Technology Director for the party.

Chris Drower is the Team Coach for the Party.

Melanie Dowson is the Head Representative for the Australian Country Territory Committee Council.

Stephanie Smith is the Chief of the World Government Electoral Commission.

Justin Mclean is the General Manager of the Party's International Board.

Martin Parkinson is the personal Secretary for the President and Secretary Nathan Lee Couper.

Helen and David Broad are the Spokes-Personal for the Party.

Simon Couper is the Diplomat and Overseer and Supervisor for the Party.

Michael Couper is the Party's Body Guard if ever needed.

Robyn and John Wigk are the Commissioners of High Command.

The following people are the Supporters and Reserves for the Party's International Board they also form the New World Order Intelligence Committee for administrative and quality improvement purposes.

Sarah Wells, Bonnie Couper, Hazel Couper, Billy Claud and Chazley Skerate also Tess Skerate, John Battly, Hugh Mirram, Mark Dawson, Shane, Kim and Vaughn Bulson, Peter and Michelle Williams, Mike Rawlings, Ian and Ngare Hilder, Tony Estelle, Garth Hogan, Paul Wagg, Ellen Proudlock and Bryce lovegrove.

along with Brian Hugh Warner, Johnathan Davis, Elton John, Arnold Schwarzenegger with John Claud Van Dam.

 Contact details for the New World Order political party  

Nathan Lee Couper is the President and  Secretary of the party's International Board he is also the first List Candidate for the New Zealand Country Territory Branch. You can contact Nathan Lee Couper on the NWO party email address below.

Email addresses [email protected] or [email protected]                you can contact Nathan Lee Couper on these email addresses.

Presidents mobile 027 358 9999 you can contact Nathan Lee Couper on this mobile phone number. 

Martin Foch Parkinson is the Presidents personal Secretary [email protected] or [email protected] 

Melanie Dawson Smith is the Chief of the Australian Country Territory Committee Council. You can contact Melanie on her Email addresses as follows [email protected] 

Kevin Anthony Bowen is the party's former Vice President he is now the New World Order Party's handler of intelligence and he is also the second List Candidate for the New Zealand Country Territory Branch. You can contact Kevin on his mobile number                       027 358 3333 or his email address below. [email protected]

Bevin Stuart Cooke is the party Connecter you can reach Bevan on his mobile number 027 358 1111 or his email address as follows [email protected]  

Justin Mclean is the Manager of the International Board and he is also the third List Candidate for the New Zealand Country Territory Branch. You can contact Justin on the following email addresses [email protected] or [email protected]

The New World Order party was founded by Nathan Lee Couper in 2006 and was registered with the New Zealand Electoral Commission on 20 May 2008. The party has gained about 25.000 life members since 2006. The New Zealand Electoral Commission considered registering the New World Order party on two separate occasions and after the second Commission meeting the Commissioners of the Electoral Commission decided and all agreed that the New World Order could be registered and placed on the register of political parties.

Please donate to the New World Order party, the party is fund raising the money needed to build the World Government building. Any proceedings contributed will be much appreciated. Please deposit your donations into the following bank accounts. Alternatively you can use the Pay Pal donation button at the top of this website.

Donations: New World Order has bank accounts with the Bank of New Zealand and the ASB bank Victoria Street branches Hamilton New Zealand. Please put your donations into these bank accounts, details are below.

Account name: New World Order                

Account number: 02-0316-0399687-000

Alternatively you can deposit your donation into the party's ASB account. 

Account name: New World Order

Account number:


The history of the New World Order political party

 To whom it may concern my name is Nathan Lee Couper but you can call me Mr President. I am self educated with some training by the FBI. I am the President and founding member of the one and only International Board of the one and only New World Order political party. I am writing this letter to give people an explanation to the origin of the New World Order party. It all started in around the year 2003 when I put an investigation into world cults, sects, false religions and the world powers the Government, Police and the United Nations and I wrote a book called [Proven Point and the Rise of the final World Empire] you can subscribe for a copy of this book at any country territory New World Order branch. New World Order a political party founded in New Zealand in about 2006 and soon will be active in more then 200 lands throughout the world.

{AFGHANISTAN, Kabul} {ALBANIA, Tirana} {ALGERIA, Algiers} {ANGOLA, Luanda} {ARGENTINA, Buenos Aires} {AUSTRALIA, Canberra} {AUSTRIA, Vienna} {BAHAMAS, Nassau} {BAHRAIN, Manama}  {BANGLADESH, Dhaka} {BELARUS, Minsk} {BELGIUM, Brussels} {BELIZE, Belmopan} {BHUTAN, Thimphu} {BOLIVIA, La Paz} {BOTSWANA, Gaborone} {BRAZIL, Brasilia} {BRUNEI, Bandar Seri Begawan} {BULGARIA, Sofia} {BURKINA FASCO, Ouagadougou} {BURUNDI, Bujumbura} {CAMBODIA, Phnom Penh} {CAMEROON, yaound?e} {CANADA, Ottawa} {CENTRAL AFFRICAN REPUBLIC, Bangui} {CHAD, N?Djamena} {CHILE, Santiago} {CHINA, Beijing} {COLOMBIA, Bogota?} {COMOROS, Moroni} {CONGO, Brazzaville} {COSTA RICA, San José} {CLUBA, Havana}{CYPRUS, Nicosia} {CZECH, REPUBLIC, Prague} {DENMARK, Copenhagen} {DJIBOUTI, Djibouti} {DOMINICAN REPUBLICAN, Santo Domingo} {ECUADOR, Quito} {EGYPT} Cairo} {EL SALAVADOR, San Salvador} {ESTONIA, Tallinn} {ETHIOPIA, Addis Abada} {Fiji, Suva} {FINLAND, Helsinki} {FRANCE, Paris}{GABON, Libreville} {GEORGIA, Tbilisi} {GEMANY, Berlin} {GHANA, Accra} {GREECE, Athens} {GUATEMALA, Guatemala City}       {GUINEA, Conakry} {GUINEA-BISSAU, Bissau} {GUYANA, Georgetown}    {HAITI, Port-au-Prince} {HONDURAS, Tegucigalpa} {HUNGARY, Budapest} {ICELAND, Reykjavik} {INDIA, New Delhi} {INDONESIA, Jakarta} {IRAN, Tehran} {IRAQ, Baghdad} {IRISH REPUBLIC, Dublin} {ISRAEL, Jerusalem} {ITALY, Rome} {IVORY COAST, Abidjan} {JAMAICA, Kingston} {JAPAN, Tokyo} {JORDAN, Amman} {KAZAKHSTAN, Alma-Ata} {KANYA, Nairobi} {KUWAIT, Kuwait City}  {KYRGYZSTAN, Bishket} {LAOS, Vientiane} {LATVIA, Riga} {LEBANON, Beirut} {LIBERIA, Monrovia} {LIBYA, Tripoli} {LITHUANIA, Vilnius} {LUXEMBOURG, Luxembourg}{MADAGASCAR, Antananarivo}{MOLASIA, Kuala Lumpur} {MALI, Bamako} {MALTA, Valletta} {MAURITANIA, Nouakchott} {MAURITIUS, Port Louis} {MEXICO, Mexico City} {MONGOLIA, Ulan Bator} {MOROCCO, Rabat} {MOZAMBIQUE, Maputo} {MYANMAR, Yang on} {Namibia, Windhoek} {NEPAL, Kathmandu} {NETHERLANDS, Amsterdam} {NEW ZEALAND, Wellington} {NICARAGUA, Managua} {NIGER, Niamey} {NIGERIA, Abuja} {NORTH KOREA, Pyongyang} {NORWAY, Oslo} {OMAN, Muscat} {PAKISTAN, Islamabad} {PANAMA, Panama City} {PAPUA NEW GUINEA, Port Moresby} {PARAGUAY, Asuncion} {PERU, Lima} {PHILIPPINES, Manila} {POLAND, Warsaw}{PORTUGAL, Lisbon}{PUERTO RICO, San Juan} {ROMANIA, Bucharest} {RUSSIA, Moscow} {RWANDA, Kigali} {SAUDI ARABIA, Riyadh} {SENEGAL, Dakar} {SCOTTLAND, Edinburgh} {SIERRA LEONE, Freetown} {SINGAPORE, Singapore} {SLOVAKIA, Bratislava}{SOLOMON  ISLANDS, Honiara} {SOMALIA, Mogadishu} {SOUTH AFRICA, Pretoria} {SOUTH KOREA, Seoul} {SPAIN, Madrid} {SRI LANKA, Colombo} {SUDAN, Khartoum} {SURINAM, Paramaribo} {SWEDEN, Stockholm} {SWITZERLAND, Bern} {SYRIA, Damascus}{TAIWAN, Tai-pei} {TANZANIA, Dar es Salaam} {THAILAND, Bangkok} {TUNISIA, Tunis} {TURKEY, Ankara} {TURKMENISTAN, Ashkhabad} {UGANDA, Kampala} {UKRAINE, Kiev} {UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, Abu Dhabi} {UNITED KINGDOM, London} {UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Washington dc} {URUGUAY, Montevideo} {UZBEKISTAN, Tashkent} {VENEZUELA, Caracas} {VIETNAM, Hanoi} {YEMEN, SAN?A} {ZAIRE, Kinshasa} {ZAMBIA, Lusaka} {ZIMBABWE, Harare} {World Government}

 The party is also known by its corporate abbreviated name NWO you can also refer to the New World Order as the McCann party. The party has a name for it's members the International Democratic Society of the New World Order World Voters. The designation organization New World Order Political Party is based on the view that things in the future would happen on a worldwide scale eg world war, famine, money, communication, media, news but not yet voting. By late 2007 the international membership was more then 500 that which about 500 were in New Zealand and Australia. The International Board is the organizations direction of the party. New World Order is centered at the World Empire of the New World Government in the borough of the Bahrain country territory. Branch supervision is provided by the President of the party and his representatives called Territory Candidates who maintain their administrative branches throughout the world. Local offices are led by Candidates or MP's who are highly educated. Communications with the higher levels of the party are maintained through Visiting Territory Circuit Servants. People who are able to devote all or most of their time to the work of campaigning door to door will be and are commonly called Masonries. Masonries who work in foreign lands are Masonears relying on Motels, Hotels and public transport. Historically New World Order developed from a small group of people who joined together forming the International Democratic Society of New World Order World Voters under the teachings of Nathan Lee Couper 1982 as the party grew it became vastly known as the NWO. Nathan stressed expansion and developed a strong administration in 2006. Leadership of the party will be handed to the next of kin after the death of each President they will continue his or hers successors emphasis on expansion. Yours faithfully Nathan Lee Couper President of the New World Order. 

The vision of the New World Order political party

 The designation New World Order is based on the view that things in the future would happen and would be done on a worldwide scale such as war, hunger, sicknesses, poverty and crime and to aid these things we need to view them on a worldwide scale. The only way to do that is to set up a scheme called the World Government to exercise political authority over the world. This will include and involve every country on earth, it will also involve World Elections to elect a World Ruler and this will abolishing the United Nations.

The features and benefits of the World Government premises.

The New World Order evokes the construction of the World Government Building in the country of the Bahrain country territory. The World Government comprises of three stories including its Underground Bunker. The ground floor is made up of the World House which has one seat for each countries World Representative and a seat for the World Ruler. The world Government also provides one small office for each country. The top floor is for the operation of the World Government Electoral Commission. The Underground Bunker is the official World Headquarters of the party and is equivalent to a large nine bedroom house. It will be possible to land a series of Helicopters on its roof. The World Government will be surrounded with flags that represent every country. The World Government will also have its own car park. The layout of the World Government Building occupies around 1260sq m and is about 15 meters in height. The World Government will cost around 45 million dollars to build. The World Government employs about 15 Staff. Corruption or the miss use of politics, dishonesty and proper gander is out of the question and is not what this organisation was set up for. We are setting up the New World Order Party and constructing the World Government in order to prefill prophecy and to enable the World Ruler and the rest of the World Representatives to address political affairs and policies throughout the world. What better place to construct this building then the Persian Golf.                  

The party's emphasis of special importance 


The New World Order Political Party will be responsible for calling the first World Election.

The New World Order Political Party calls for World Elections to elect or vote by election in a World Ruler to govern, rule, direct and controle the World Government.

The New World Order Political Party will be responsible for propargating the World Government and uniting the world with World Elections.

The New World Order Political Party wil be responsible for funding the money needed for building the World Government building.


The key operational objectives of the New World Order

In seeking to fulfill the party's emphasis of special importance and the organization purpose of the party. New World Order will focus its activities on the following key operational objectives and the aim and purpose of the party.

[A] Achieving international branches of the party in every Country and City territory throughout the world.

[B] Maximizing membership of the International Democratic Society of New World Order.

 [C] Maximizing membership value by ensuring members opportunity to subscribe and participate in the policy generation candidate selection and other political activities in relation to the party.

[D] Increase the money donated raised to campaign for the party and to fund the party's advertisement also the party will fund the money needed to build the world empire of the World Government.

[E] Ensure the best candidates are selected to represent internationally and in the World House.

[F] The New World Order party seeks to ensure the safety and a human world for everyone especially the younger generation we hope to provide a successful, prosperous and safe world that will create ways and means to aid the growing world problems.

The values of the New World Order political party


The New World Order Political Party believes this will be achieved by uniting the world and building the International democratic society based on the following.

[A] Loyalty to our Country,City and World territories and its democratic principles and its sovereign political power of its territories as head of any Country,City. and the World.

[B] Standing for international world and personal security also fear human rights and laws.

[C] Equal citizenship and equal opportunity close to communism as social equality.

[D] Individual choice and freedom with personal responsibility for ones actions.

[E] The threshold of the New World Order party is that we believe and stand for World Peace.

[F] There can only be one New World Order Political Party worldwide. 


The democracy of the New World Order political party


New World Order is a worldwide democracy in itself government by the people through their elected representatives Country State and World governed in this way Social Equality or Capitalism Socialist or Capitalist on becoming a democrat and advocate of this democracy the member or supporter of this Democratic party forms a democratic society connected with this democracy called the International Democratic Society of New World Order world voters upholding this democracy. The constitution of the New World Order is voting for a World Ruler. This is made through the world empire of the New World Government, a group of territories under the rule of one state or person, sovereign political power or its territory, its also a large organization that is directed by one person or group, and an executive policy making body of a Country State and World, to exercise political authority over a Country State and World, a system by which a Country State and the World is ruled. This is formed by multiple political parties from every country, ideally the parties in power, each party will submit a listed candidate all seeking the position of World Ruler, this abolishes the United Nations. 

For the party's benefit

Note, why the spruce name and the use of the names work like this. Our vision for the future will normally follow largely on a world wide scale and the New World Order is a world wide party highly active in propagating the World Government. It will soon have branches in more then 200 lands throughout the world. New World Order works like this their first forms the World Government that abolishes the United Nations which has failed to meet the demand and find the answers to the growing world problems war, hunger, sickness, poverty, unemployment, disease and crime. These problems are all on a world wide scale and to mention only a few problems makes life sound miserable and grim. Then the first World Election to vote in a World Ruler. Have you ever heard the saying every body wants to rule the world or who rules the world, this will now be a possibility. I want to rule the world because I think I am responsible enough and have grown very mature. Then a New World Order and one World Ruler and World Representatives because the New World Order is now finely here and coming about. Their really only needs to be one World International Political Party the rest just need to form coalition because it is all their just not the paper work they will all uphold the democracy of the New World Order. Their is a simple fact that their can only be one New World Order political party as goes their can only be one World Government with one World Ruler. This party will always be the most biggest and the most powerful and the most rapidly growing World International Political Party on earth. The grand master plan and the main number one mission of the New World Order is to ensure the safety and security of all man kind by developing an international awareness of World Peace. Mapping out the globe and building a strong Administration Team that will cover all territories in the next few years according to the party's plane all under the direction of the International Board of the party. The first step is done mapping out the globe into country and city territories then making a CD Rom disk for each of the country territories. Each of the CD Rom disks will have the party's constitution and rules and each countries territory membership application of declaration form. Each territories country membership form needs to have its country name on it and refer to each countries Electoral Act and they will all have to be published and printed in every language. The duty of a Mason air is to approach and reproach potential party prospects to ensure the Mason airs country and city territories branch administration to the international party membership fee is paid and making sure that the membership declaration forms are done maximizing international membership to the New World Order party.

Face the facts of the New World Order political party

 We need our supporters to have faith, prided and respect in the party. Anyone and everyone can be a supporter of this World Empire. New World Order is establishing the World Government of course. This party is the new idea and this party is the party of the future. This political party is the only party of its kind in the world. The President and the party's Office Holders are all internationalist and the party has an International Membership. We believe and support the formation of the Unified World Government and voting for a World Ruler. The public address of the New World Order. Hi my name is Nathan Lee Couper I am going to tell you about some of the New World Order party's policies. In the past man has been moved to bring forth various schemes some of these schemes are Democracy the World Government and the United Nations. But has the United Nations proven to bring about peace, order and security for the world. No far from it in fact it has been set up to satisfy a small group of people mainly the leaders of the United Nations. Will we have this problem if man establishes the World Government no because the World Government will be made up of multiple political parties from every country not one country will be left out. From their we can call a World Election to vote in a World Ruler who will govern, rule, direct and control the World Empire of the World Government. Each World Ruler will reign for a term of ten years thank you.

Trade marks exclusive to the New World Order political party


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